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Cleo: OOAK Doll, 17 inches

I want you to meet Cleo! She is a OOAK doll, standing 17 inches, handmade by Atelier Lavendel with lots of love and of care. Cleo is wearing a dress of cotton fabric and organic cotton jersey, which is with decorated with cotton lace. She has white green polka dotted pants of cotton and undies beneath. Her stripped socks are also of organic cotton jersey. Her green boots are of high quality pure merino wool felt, to close with hand dyed silk ribbons. I have made her jacket with plant dueyd merino wool in antique rose. Her scarf is of plant dueyd pink mohair.
Her head is sculptured of carded clean organic sheep wool in the traditional Waldorf style of European doll making. The body is firmly stuffed with 100% organic pure wool; the “skin” is of high-quality 100% cotton interlock from traditional Swiss manufacture.
My dolls are sturdy and have free movable arms and legs.  They are made to be a companion and a true play mate within a free imaginative play.

OOAK Waldorf Dolls by Atelier Lavendel