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Bella, OOAK Doll, 6in

Meet Bella, 6 inches (16cm) OOAK doll handmade by Atelier Lavendel using best quality materials available. I have sculptured her head of clean organic sheep wool in the Waldorf style of European doll making. Bella is a little girl, her arms and her legs are a bit curved. Her body is of one piece of fabric. She has a nose, ears,  a sweet bum and a belly button. Her long brown hair is made of yak hair, sewn into tresses and crocheted into a cap together with a matching mohair yarn. I have embroidered her dreamy blue eyes and her sweet mouth with cotton embroidery floss. Her barrette is crocheted of plant dyed wool, her dress is made with organic cotton, and its upper parts are crocheted with a blue merino wool yarn. She wears matching crocheted blue ballerina shoes. Her shawl is made with pure silk fabric, decorated with cotton lace on its both ends. Beneath her wide dress Bella is wearing striped white and rose trousers of organic cotton jersey with a tiny bow on it.  Little Bella is now available here and here.

ooak waldorf doll , Waldorf Dolls by Atelier Lavendel, Bella


ooak waldorf doll, Doll clothes by Atelier Lavendel