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Mr Bob Winter, Handmade Cuddle Doll

Please, let me introduce to you this sweet fellow, Mr Bob Winter. He is a handmade cuddle doll, carefully handmade by Atelier Lavendel. I have crocheted his hat with a tassel and his shawl of a wool/silk bled in soft shades of the brown, blue and green. Both of it can be put off. Her body is merino wool/cashmere, stuffed with organic sheep wool. His hands and feet are of sturdy dollmaking cotton jersey. His red fluffy hair is mohair. I have embroidered her facial features with cotton floss. His freckles are painted on with non-toxic colors.  Mr Bob Winter is now available here and here.

handmade cuddle doll by Atelier Lavendel, Mr Winter


Waldorfpuppen by Atelier Lavendel