25. July 2015

Girls: Handmade Pocket Dolls

A new pat­tern, a new face, a new smile  — and  one anoth­er Ate­lier Laven­del pock­et doll is born.
Quite a lit­tle fam­i­ly of them, by the way!  ;  )
These 7 inch/18cm lit­tle dol­lies are designed and hand­made by my with nat­ur­al best qual­i­ty pos­si­ble mate­ri­als and lots, lots of joy, love and care.
I used mohair for these won­der­ful locks, organ­ic cott­ton jer­sey with a sweet apple pat­tern and soft organ­ic cot­ton vel­vet for the cloth­ing, organ­ic sheep wool for stuff­ing and stur­dy Swiss made doll mak­ing cot­ton tri­cot for the faces. I love their hats — they are made of a wool/silk blend and a bit mohair in dusty shades of rose, gray and pur­pur.
I have care­ful­ly hand embroi­dered the faces. All these girls have the  sun-kissed skin tone.
Their  cloth­ings and the cro­chet hats can not be put off.
These pock­et dolls can be gen­tly hand washed in a basin with a mild soap.
They are now avail­able here and here.Handmade pocket dolls by Atelier Lavendel are made with lots of love and care.

Handmade Pocket Dolls by Atelier Lavendel