New OOAK Dolls by Atelier Lavendel

That is a wonderful and very special time here now, in my Atelier.
The time before Christmas is for me a time full of mystery and joy and  feeling, that everything is about to change… Anyway, there are surely some quite new things in the Atelier Lavendel, which I am expecting to come to live very soon.  Just to mention a few of them: there are new patterns for the 15 inches and 16 inches tall OOAK pixie dolls in progress, with sweet large feet and curious necks. I already love their felt shoes and the pointed hats!
Just a little sneek peek here below – the very first one of them,  wild locks all over the head   : )  .
There also will be posts in German here too.
There are some dear friends over here, who are already looking for that.   :  )
Besides, I am planning the new give-aways and  sweet, sweet little angel dolls projects.
Stay tuned and be up to date!

Enjoy the third Sunday in Advent!
With many sunny regards, yours Elena

OOAK Dolls by Atelier Lavendel