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Adriana and Theo

I want you to meet Adriana and Theo. Adriana is an OOAK doll, standing 16 inches, handmade by Atelier Lavendel with lots of love and of care. Michel the Dwarf is her tiny baby doll and best friend. Adriana is wearing a dress of Liberty of London cotton fabric to close with a hand made button and hand made loop; knickerbockers of organic cotton velvet and undies (not pictured ) beneath. Her boots are made with pure wool felt, her socks are baby alpaka. Her large cowl is knitted gorgeous lace weight mohair on silk.  All her clothes are removable and washable.

Adriana has brown eyes, which are carefully hand embroidered. Her hair are made with DollyMo organic mohair, crocheted into a cap. Her braids are fastened on both sides of her head pony-tails style, so they can be restyled and gently combed. This doll has a neck, ears, a belly button and a sweet bum.  Her head is soft sculptured of carded clean organic sheep wool. Through the inner armature in her neck the head is slightly movable, gentle but most expressive gestures and expressions are possible. The body is firmly stuffed with 100% organic pure wool; the “skin” is of high-quality 100% cotton interlock from traditional Swiss manufacture

Adriana´s special heirloom is her genuine red Coral necklace. For many centuries genuine gemstones have been used for their energetic healing properties. Coral is said to ward off bad thoughts from others and promote general well-being. Protective and lucky when worn as jewellery. Tiny 2,5mm Coral beads are strung here on a genuine silk cord with the ends left decoratively to fray. This necklace is to close securely and comfortably with a magnetic silver metal closure. It is 7 inches long, so that it also would make a sweet bracelet to a girl or young woman..

Tiny friend of Heidi, she calls him Theo, is usually sitting in her carry bag quite still and looking around. Theo is wearing light green overall and red pointed hat. His clothing of organic cotton velvet can not be put off. His amazingly soft shawl of moss green plant dyed wool and his tiny blanket of lace weight mohair can be put off. His carry bag is crochet with ethically made wool/silk/mohair fibre. This doll is made to be a companion and a true play mate within a free imaginative play and can be hand washed in a basin with a mild soap.

I intended this doll as a little treasure to display or as a special heirloom toy to an older child for gentle play. SAFETY NOTE: This natural fibers art doll is recommended for collectors 6+ . ECO friendly. Handmade in pet- and smoke- free home.  Adriana and Theo are now available here. You are welcome to order my creations directly through my web site. Therefore please, feel free to drop me a line. Before ordering, please, read our shop policies. If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask, I am more than happy to help.