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Daphne and Fritzie

Clear and strong colours of Autumn, crisp air, melancholy light… That is what Daphne loves above all.
Daphne, an Autumn child. She is an OOAK  Waldorf inspired art doll, standing 15 inches (35cm) , designed and handmade by Atelier Lavendel with lots of love and attention to details. Daphne wears a sleevless dress of organic Eiropean linen, decorated with sparkling embroidery to close with anndmade loop and a vintage button. I added a wide and festive underskirt of organic Swiss cotton satin and stripped leggings of organic jeursey cotton beneath, booties of pure wool felt with pompoms, to hold her feet warm. I made her cowl with lace weight mohair. It has some sparkling accents here and there and is being hold together  with a sparkling vintage gold colour brooch in a leaf form, decorated with tiny rinstones. I made her woolen pixie-hat with pompom using ethically made yarn, a wonderfully structured wool/mohair blend. Her handmade locket featuring a vintage picture of a little girl, issafely put behinde real glass, it can be put off.

Daphne´s special treasure is her genuine fresh water Pearl necklace. Tiny 2,5mm Pearl beads are strung here on a silk cord with the ends left decoratively to fray. This necklace is to close securely and comfortably with a magnetic silver metal closure. It is 7 inches long, so that it also would make a sweet bracelet to a girl or young woman. For many centuries genuine gemstones have been used for their energetic healing properties. Pearl is called symbol of emotional release and purity. Protective and lucky when worn as jewellery.

The  hair of this natural fibers art doll is made with hand dyed and hand sewn weft, crocheted into a cap, it can be restyled and gently combed. This doll has a neck, ears, a belly button and a sweet bum. She is heavily weighted and can sit nicely. Her head is soft sculptured of carded clean organic sheep wool. Through the inner armature in her neck the head is slightly movable, gentle but most expressive gestures and expressions are possible. The body is firmly stuffed with 100% organic pure wool; the “skin” is of high-quality 100% cotton interlock from traditional Swiss manufacture. All seams are double-sewn for more durability. All doll´s clothes are removable and wash able.

Fritzie is the name of the little bear. Standing approximately 5 inches (14cm), he is an OOAK vintage style weighted artist bear, lovingly handmade by Atelier Lavendel, using my designs and high-quality natural materials. This bear is made with high qual­ity mohair fabric from the traditional working German manufacture Steiff Schulte, which gives him a lovely well much loved vintage appearance. His original glass eyes are handmade in the Lauscha glass manufacture, Germany. I hand embroidered his nose with cotton embroidery floss. I used organic clean sheep wool and wood wool to stuff the body and the limbs and added to the belly some steel shot for more lovely weight. This bear is hand painted using non-toxic pastel colours. His fully jointed arms, legs and head are movable and pose able.

Daphne and Fritzie come with certificates of authenticity, dated and signed by me. I intended this Waldorf inspired art  doll and the bear as a little treasure to display or as a special heirloom toy to an older child for gentle play. Because of her delicate hair I recommend this doll only to be spot cleaned as long time as possible. ECO friendly. Handmade in pet- and smoke- free home. Daphne  and Fritzie are now available here. You are welcome to order my creations directly through my web site. Therefore please, feel free to drop me a line. Before ordering, please, read our shop policies. If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask, I am more than happy to help.