Doll Making Classes with Ineke

Doll making classes. A wonderful experience to everyone loving  dolls. That is it what the doll  making class with Ineke Gray in Amsterdam, whom I visited the end of June, had been  to me.  Loving and creative atmosphere, hand – dyed fabrics and sun – lit studio, pastel colours everywhere and sweet little details all over, great experience and skills, formidable teaching, never too tired to give you an encouraging smile. That delicious herbs tee served in the antique capes, this violin sounds in the backroom… Unforgettable…  In short: amazing, absolutely amazing. I would recommend it to everyone: a day you´ll never forget. And the doll you make! A dream! Lovely size, nice face, these cheeky pig tails! I love her! And her friend, the tiny Gnome (made by Ineke), even more . Both of them, the dolly and the Gnome are sitting just now on my working desk. They whisper. As long as the children of the house are not there, they have time to get some ideas of what to do this  sunny afternoon.
Wishing you a nice and creative afternoon too!

Waldorf Doll in the Making: doll making class by Ineke Gray

doll making classes, Atelier Lavendel

Waldorf doll making classes