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Czech Bead Necklace: Meeting The Past

 I created this white, red and gold sparkling czech class seed beads necklace as I was a school girl, being an Art School student  just to make a try and to participate on my very first Fine Art Exibicion. From drawing the sketch and calculating the beading sheems to enjoy the magic of forms, playing with structures, letting the imagination work…  That was fun!
Years passed – and now I have the beads on my work table again. That is a work I really love to do – I enjoy the magic of the colours and natural shades  of genuine gemstones beads.  And the carefully gethearing of tiny beads on a silk cord feels just like some kind of meditation to me. That is also kind of re-connecting me with the nature in some very special way.
I believe, that is where the Woodlanders rooth…

Czech bead necklace made by Atelier Lavendel. Handmade in Germany.