14. December 2014

New OOAK Dolls by Atelier Lavendel

That is a won­der­ful and very spe­cial time here now, in my Ate­lier.
The time before Christ­mas is for me a time full of mys­tery and joy and  feel­ing, that every­thing is about to change… Any­way, there are sure­ly some quite new things in the Ate­lier Laven­del, which I am expect­ing to come to live very soon.  Just to men­tion a few of them: there are new pat­terns for the 15 inch­es and 16 inch­es tall OOAK pix­ie dolls in progress, with sweet large feet and curi­ous necks. I already love their felt shoes and the point­ed hats!
Just a lit­tle sneek peek here below — the very first one of them,  wild locks all over the head   : )  .
There also will be posts in Ger­man here too.
There are some dear friends over here, who are already look­ing for that.   :  )
Besides, I am plan­ning the new give-aways and  sweet, sweet lit­tle angel dolls projects.
Stay tuned and be up to date!

Enjoy the third Sun­day in Advent!
With many sun­ny regards, yours Ele­na

OOAK Dolls by Atelier Lavendel