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Baby Boy Doll: Matz

Here is little Matz. This 7 inch/18cm little Waldorf Inspired baby boy doll
is designed and handmade by my with natural best quality possible materials and lots, lots of love and care. I used mohair locks for his wonderful baby hair (on the otherweise bold and oh so mischevieuos head), organic cottton jersey and soft organic cotton velvet for the clothing, organic sheep wool for stuffing and Swiss made doll making cotton tricot for the face. I love gorgeous structure of his hat – that is made of wool, silk and a bit mohair in dusty shades of brown and deep blue. This baby loves it, to put them off and back again! I have carefully hand embroidered his face. It has a fair skin tone.
I have soft sculptured the tiny head in the traditional Waldorf style of European doll making using carded organic sheep wool. His cotton clothing velvet can not be put off.
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Baby boy doll by Atelier Lavendel. Handmade in Germany. Baby boy doll by Atelier Lavendel. Handmade in Germany.♥♥♥