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Still cold here… But never mind, Tilde sais, putting on her cozy cowl…

ooak miniature artist bear: meet Tilde, lovingly handmade by Atelier Lavendel, using original designs and best quality materials. Handmade in Germany.Tilde  is pretending to be an old and battered little bear. Standing approximately 6inches (15 cm), she is an OOAK bear, lovingly handmade by Atelier Lavendel, using  my designs and high-quality natural materials. This little soul is made with high qual­ity German viscose fabric (Oeko Test 100) from the traditional German manufacture Steiff Schulte. It feels wonderful smooth and soft. Her original glass eyes are handmade in the Lauscha glass manufacture. I hand embroidered her nose with cotton embroidery floss. I used organic dried wood shavings to stuff her body and limbs and added to her chubby belly some steel pellets, safely placed within a cotton bag, for more lovely weight. Her fully and loosely jointed arms, legs and head are movable and pose able. Tilde and her cotton dress, decorated with vintage cotton lace, are both sympathetically aged, using several techniques, and hand painted with non-toxic artist oil colours. Her cowl is made with amazing lace weight mohair on silk in impressive shades of deep red. Tilde is now avail­able here .