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Ann-Rose, OOAK doll, 17in

I want you to meet Ann-Rose. She is a OOAK doll, standing 17 inches, handmade by Atelier Lavendel with lots of  love and of care. Her blonde locks is yak weft, crocheted into a cap. It can be  restyled and gently combed. He loves her pony-tails and these light blue ribbons of organza.

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Ann-Rose is wearing a dress of cotton fabric, which is with trimmed with cotton lace.  She also wears panties and rose-lilac-white striped leggings of organic cotton jersey.  Her stripped socks are of organic cotton jersey. Her boots in the off-white are of high quality merino wool felt, to close with hand dyed silk ribbons. Her favorite of all is the cozy jacket, she is wearing. It feels oh so soft! I have made it with organic merino wool fleece in antique rose, lined with organic cotton jersey. On the left side of it there is a rose bud, which I have felted of merino wool using matching colors. This OOAK doll stands 17 inches. She has a neck, ears, sweet bum and  a belly button. She can sit free.  Carefully made to be a true play-friend for a long, long time. Ann-Rose is now available here and here.