Fabulous Colors of My Favorite Season

Fabulous colors of the autumn… I believe, that is my favorite season to take long walks into the woods, to get inspired by the most fascinating color combinations of pastel and shiny ones you can only meet in these days, when the nature is celebrating its season of quietness and greatness… The vispering of the fresh breeze in the branches…. The golden yellow sparkles of the slowly falling leaves, the sun shining through them…. The clear blue of the sky getting colder…  The earthy green of the old moss covered stones near the quiet lake…
I wish you shiny and inspiring Autumn days!
Yours, Elena

Autumn Air by Atelier Lavendel

Golden Leaves by Atelier Lavendel

Clear Sky by Atelier Lavendel

Moosy Green by Atelier Lavendel

Walkin gin the woods By Atelier Lavendel