Nelly and Mrs White Goose

Do you know that story about  a little girl and her friend, Mrs White Goose?
Having many adventures in the woods and fields and having quite a lot of fun too…

Handmade Atelier Lavendel Dolls doll maker dolls

Here they are – our  both little friends! The little doll with her fluffy red hair stands  6/2 inch (without her pointed hat  :  )   ). It is made of all the natural high quality materials: doll making cotton jersey, mohair yarn, it is stuffed with pure organic sheep  wool. I have carefully embroidered her sparkly eyes and the small mounth. All its clothing can be put off: the scarf and booties, crocheted of moos green mohair yarn, the red polka dotted shirt with the handmade wooden apple button and the handmade loop as closure, the grass green polka dotted scirt  and also the  red pointed hat of cotton velour with the  silver colored tiny tinkling bell on its top. Both, the dolly and her goose are now available at my Etsy and DaWanda shops.

Handmade Atelier Lavendel dolls doll maker dolls