24. July 2014

Packaging a New Waldorf Doll

Care­ful­ly pack­ag­ing a Wal­dorf Doll – here is a tiny Star Child with fierce red hair, bring­ing his lucky sea shell star to a  lit­tle one. Wrapped in lay­ers of finest shiny yel­low silk paper. Dec­o­rat­ed with fresh laven­der buds from my gar­den, laid over a fil­i­gree paper doily. There are lots of tiny and sweet details to be recov­ered there. Like a tiny laven­der buds sachet with a tiny Ate­lier Laven­del logo on it, some sweets here – and a lit­tle hand­made straw­ber­ry there… All this is going to make you smile while open­ing the pack­age.  I do hope so!  :  )

Waldorf doll packaging, Atelier Lavendel dolls