9. June 2015

Handmade Gemstones Jewellery: a Necklace for Meadow

Here Mead­ow Low  is show­ing her gem­stones neck­lace. (Well, I would say, she is rather show­ing off, but, please, do not tell her!  ; )  ) Any­way, I have made it for her of gen­uine shiny green aven­turine: 2,5mm smooth gem­stones ron­dells.  They are strung on a green silk cord with the ends left inten­tion­al­ly to fray. […]

3. June 2015

Art Dolls: Meadow Lou

Like the mead­ows… green grass and a soft light creamy colour of the seeds grow­ing with­in… That is Mead­ow Lou. Inspired by the colours of the Spring here, she is a hand­made cloth doll by Ate­lier Laven­del, stand­ing 8 inch­es.  I have made her using high qual­i­ty woven cot­ton doll mak­ing fab­ric, organ­ic clean wool […]

30. April 2016

Lina and Edd

I want you to meet Lina and Edd the baby gnome, her lit­tle friend, both chil­dren of the Spring, full of good spir­its, birds songs, finest scent of the first flow­ers in the mead­ow and cheer­ful sun shine. Both are also great trav­eller. They agreed to accom­pa­ny us to the Doll Mak­ing Sem­i­nar, did I men­tioned that?  […]

25. August 2015

Sisters: One of a Kind Dolls

Sweet com­pa­ny of the lit­tle one-of-a-kind cloth dolls by Ate­lier Laven­del: Peony Lou, Mead­ow Lou and Pop­py. Sit­ting there on my work table one rainy evening, look­ing… I hope, you love them as much as I do!  :  )

11. July 2015

Genuine Peridot Bracelet

Every shade of sum­mery green Is to be seen at one once by this del­i­cate gen­uine Peri­dot bracelet: sparkling green and mead­ow green, grass green and olive green. Love this fas­ci­nat­ing play of colours!   This sparkling del­i­cate bracelet is com­posed of nat­ur­al gen­uine facetted 3,5mm Peri­dot gem­stones ron­dells, a silk string  and 925 ster­ling sil­ver chain […]

28. August 2014

Lavender Everywhere

The flow­ers of the mead­ow… This lit­tle wood­land girl seems real­ly to enjoy it.…