27. November 2014

Felt Angels Fluying

Wal­dorf felt angel…

Angel, Nursery Room Decor by Atelier Lavendel Waldorf Felt Angel

I have made this  angel doll hang­ing as a nat­ur­al nurs­ery room décor.  Is is made with with high qual­i­ty pure wool felt, doll mak­ing cot­ton tri­cot and clean sheep wool. Its hair is mohair bouclé. I have care­ful­ly  paint­ed on the facial fea­tures  with non-tox­ic water resis­tant col­ors. This sweet wool felt angel is sewn com­plete­ly by hand, with­out using a sewing machine.
I believe, it has very qui­et, very spe­cial mag­ic about it.  :  )
Just as sim­ple and sweet. Avail­able here and here.

Handmade Angel by Atelier Lavendel Waldorf Felt Angel