3. July 2014

Midsummer Eve and the Strawberry Gnome

Every year our Wal­dorf Stein­er School is wel­com­ing the com­ing sum­mer with a large bon­fire, the Johan­nifeuer, on the first Fri­day after the Mid­sum­mer Eve. This time we added our small fire to this grate gath­er­ing. Just small and cozy, just us  : ) .

Midsummer Eve Bonfire

Atelier Lavendel

On the same day a lit­tle straw­ber­ry gnome came to live in my stu­dio.
With his point­ed hat and sparkling blue eyes, his straw­ber­ry neck­lace on (just for luck!), he is look­ing for an adven­ture. Well!… we will see!…
This sweet gnome is now avail­able here and here.

Atelier Lavendel Dollls Strawberry gnome