11. September 2014

Missis Peony Day Again

Two Mis­sis Peony girls came to live these days. Here they are!

organic doll Missis Peony by Atelier Lavendel

organic doll Missis Peony Handmade by Atelier Lavendel

These charm­ing girls has no wings, but they seem to spread an air of a gen­tle fairy-like mag­ic. So soft and so gen­tle as they are!.. Both dolls are made with organ­ic velour, stuffed with cleaned organ­ic wool, their hair are mohair boucle. They have long warm scarfs on, last sum­mer flow­ers with tiny dew drops saprkling in their mid­dle  are bloom­ing  in the hair. I feel, they bring us some sun in these breezy days of fall. Mis­sis Peony dolls are now awail­able here and here.