24. June 2018

Jennifer and John

ooak natural fiber art dolls by Atelier Lavendel. Natural best quality organic materials, original designs. Handmade in Germany. ooak natural fiber art dolls by Atelier Lavendel. Natural best quality organic materials, original designs. Handmade in Germany. Jen­nifer is an ooak nat­ur­al fiber art doll by Ate­lier Laven­del. She wears sun­ny yel­low pol­ka dot­ted dress, dec­o­rat­ed with orig­i­nal Ger­man antique West­phalian cot­ton lace, white-red stripped leg­gings of organ­ic cot­ton, undies beneath, orig­i­nal antique Ger­man cro­chet cot­ton socks and booties of green and white felt, made of pure wool. I made her large cowl with finest off-while mohair on silk. Jen­nifer has black eyes, which are made of Ger­man hand made glass. Her hair is made with hand dyed and hand sewn weft, cro­cheted into a cap, it can be restyled and gen­tly combed. This doll has a neck, ears, a bel­ly but­ton and a sweet bum. She is weight­ed and can sit nice­ly. Her head is soft sculp­tured of card­ed clean organ­ic sheep wool. Through the inner arma­ture in her neck the head is slight­ly mov­able, gen­tle but most expres­sive ges­tures and expres­sions are pos­si­ble.  The body is firm­ly stuffed with 100% organ­ic pure wool; the “skin” is of high-qual­i­ty 100% cot­ton inter­lock from tra­di­tion­al Swiss man­u­fac­ture.  All seams are dou­ble-sewn for more dura­bil­i­ty. All doll´s clothes are remov­able and wash­able.
John is Jennifer´s lit­tle bear. Stand­ing approx­i­mate­ly 5 inch­es (14cm), he is an OOAK vin­tage style weight­ed artist bear, lov­ing­ly hand­made by Ate­lier Laven­del, using my designs and high-qual­i­ty all nat­ur­al mate­ri­als. This bear is made with high qual­ity vis­cose fab­ric from the tra­di­tion­al work­ing Ger­man man­u­fac­ture Steiff Schulte, which gives him a love­ly well much loved vin­tage appear­ance. His orig­i­nal glass eyes are hand­made in the Lauscha glass man­u­fac­ture, Ger­many. I hand embroi­dered his nose with cot­ton embroi­dery floss. I used organ­ic clean sheep wool to stuff the body and the limbs and added to the bel­ly some steel shot, which is safe­ly placed with­in a linen bag, for more love­ly weight. This bear is hand paint­ed using non-tox­ic pas­tel colours. HIs ful­ly joint­ed arms, legs and head are mov­able and pose able.
HIs cowl with a vin­tage rose and tiny bell on its top is made with wool/silk and can be put off.
Jen­nifer comes with a cer­tifi­cate of authen­tic­i­ty with all the details about her, which is signed by me. I intend­ed this doll and the bear as a lit­tle trea­sure to dis­play or as a spe­cial heir­loom toy to an old­er child for gen­tle play. Jen­nifer and J0hn are avail­able here.
Love, Ele­na