31. July 2014

Missis Peony Day

Meet Mis­sis Peony! Cheeky and wit. Lit­tle red haired young lady.
That is my first doll made with a new pat­tern for a lit­tle 7″ pock­et doll. Stand­ing 6,4 inch­es (17cm), made with organ­ic cot­ton velour and clean organ­ic wool, soft and fluffy mohair for her  gin­ger hair, blue pol­ka dot­ted fab­ric flower  with sparkling chech glass beads in its mid­dle, plant dyed long mohair scarf around her neck. She feels so sof and cud­dly, would just take her to every­where! : )   Mis­sis Peony is  now avail­able here and here.

Missis Peony, Cuddle Doll by Atelier Lavendel

Missis Peony, Pocket dolll by Atelier Lavendel

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