11. July 2015

Genuine Peridot Bracelet

Every shade of sum­mery green Is to be seen at one once by this del­i­cate gen­uine Peri­dot bracelet: sparkling green and mead­ow green, grass green and olive green.
Love this fas­ci­nat­ing play of colours!

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Genuine Peridot Bracelet by Atelier Lavendel

  This sparkling del­i­cate bracelet is com­posed of nat­ur­al gen­uine facetted 3,5mm Peri­dot gem­stones ron­dells, a silk string  and 925 ster­ling sil­ver chain and find­ings. The effect is  del­i­cate and beau­ti­ful.  It looks great worn alone  or stacked with oth­er gem­stone bracelets
for  beau­ti­ful effects.
Mea­sure­ments details:
Total length  — 7 inch­es (18cm)
Mea­sure­ments beads —  3–3,5mm
Col­or — green, sil­ver
For many cen­turies  gen­uine gem­stones  have been  used for  their ener­getic  heal­ing  prop­er­ties.  Peri­dot is con­sid­er to inspire heal­ing stress in rela­tion­ships, less­en­ing anger and jeal­ousy  and slow­ing aging, the peri­dot pro­motes abun­dance and pros­per­i­ty.
Gen­uine Peri­dot bracelet is now  avail­able here.

Genuine Peridot Bracelet by Atelier Lavendel