10. July 2014

Doll Making Classes with Ineke

Doll mak­ing class­es. A won­der­ful expe­ri­ence to every­one lov­ing  dolls. That is it what the doll  mak­ing class with Ineke Gray in Ams­ter­dam, whom I vis­it­ed the end of June, had been  to me.  Lov­ing and cre­ative atmos­phere, hand — dyed fab­rics and sun — lit stu­dio, pas­tel colours every­where and sweet lit­tle details all over, great expe­ri­ence and skills, for­mi­da­ble teach­ing, nev­er too tired to give you an encour­ag­ing smile. That deli­cious herbs tee served in the antique capes, this vio­lin sounds in the back­room… Unfor­get­table…  In short: amaz­ing, absolute­ly amaz­ing. I would rec­om­mend it to every­one: a day you´ll nev­er for­get. And the doll you make! A dream! Love­ly size, nice face, these cheeky pig tails! I love her! And her friend, the tiny Gnome (made by Ineke), even more . Both of them, the dol­ly and the Gnome are sit­ting just now on my work­ing desk. They whis­per. As long as the chil­dren of the house are not there, they have time to get some ideas of what to do this  sun­ny after­noon.
Wish­ing you a nice and cre­ative after­noon too!

Waldorf Doll in the Making: doll making class by Ineke Gray

doll making classes, Atelier Lavendel

Waldorf doll making classes