30. November 2014

Nelly and Mrs White Goose

Do you know that sto­ry about  a lit­tle girl and her friend, Mrs White Goose?
Hav­ing many adven­tures in the woods and fields and hav­ing quite a lot of fun too…

Handmade Atelier Lavendel Dolls doll maker dolls

Here they are — our  both lit­tle friends! The lit­tle doll with her fluffy red hair stands  6/2 inch (with­out her point­ed hat  :  )   ). It is made of all the nat­ur­al high qual­i­ty mate­ri­als: doll mak­ing cot­ton jer­sey, mohair yarn, it is stuffed with pure organ­ic sheep  wool. I have care­ful­ly embroi­dered her spark­ly eyes and the small mounth. All its cloth­ing can be put off: the scarf and booties, cro­cheted of moos green mohair yarn, the red pol­ka dot­ted shirt with the hand­made wood­en apple but­ton and the hand­made loop as clo­sure, the grass green pol­ka dot­ted scirt  and also the  red point­ed hat of cot­ton velour with the  sil­ver col­ored tiny tin­kling bell on its top. Both, the dol­ly and her goose are now avail­able at my Etsy and DaWan­da shops.

Handmade Atelier Lavendel dolls doll maker dolls