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11. July 2015

Genuine Peridot Bracelet

Every shade of sum­mery green Is to be seen at one once by this del­i­cate gen­uine Peri­dot bracelet: sparkling green and mead­ow green, grass green and olive green.
Love this fas­ci­nat­ing play of colours!

IMGP2105a1 IMGP2229a1



Genuine Peridot Bracelet by Atelier Lavendel

  This sparkling del­i­cate bracelet is com­posed of nat­ur­al gen­uine facetted 3,5mm Peri­dot gem­stones ron­dells, a silk string  and 925 ster­ling sil­ver chain and find­ings. The effect is  del­i­cate and beau­ti­ful.  It looks great worn alone  or stacked with oth­er gem­stone bracelets
for  beau­ti­ful effects.
Mea­sure­ments details:
Total length  — 7 inch­es (18cm)
Mea­sure­ments beads —  3–3,5mm
Col­or — green, sil­ver
For many cen­turies  gen­uine gem­stones  have been  used for  their ener­getic  heal­ing  prop­er­ties.  Peri­dot is con­sid­er to inspire heal­ing stress in rela­tion­ships, less­en­ing anger and jeal­ousy  and slow­ing aging, the peri­dot pro­motes abun­dance and pros­per­i­ty.
Gen­uine Peri­dot bracelet is now  avail­able here.

Genuine Peridot Bracelet by Atelier Lavendel

8. July 2015

Genuine Pink Coral Bracelet: Gentle Beauty

Gen­tle as the sum­mer mornig itself are the colours of shad­ed pink
I have choosen for my next cre­ation. A gen­uine pink coral bracelet.
Or — rather like the tiny  petals of a daisies  bloom­ing in my gar­den.….

genuine pink coral bracelet

genuine pink coral bracelet by Atelier Lavendel

Gen­tle pink round coral beads are fea­tur­ing this del­i­cate bracelet. A sweep of love­ly beads of gen­uine tiny 2,5mm coral is strung on a coral red silk string with the ends secure­ly fas­tened and left inten­tion­al­ly to fray. To secure  with 925 ster­ling sil­ver lob­ster clo­sure.
Coral is said to ward off bad thoughts and to pro­mote gen­er­al well-being.
Sweet, ele­gant and func­tion­al for girls, teens or women’s.
Total length — 7 inch­es (18cm)
Coral beads — 2–2,5mm
Col­or — light pink, sil­ver
This sweet gen­uine coral beads bracelet is now avail­able here.

genuine pink coral bracelet by Atelier Lavendel


26. June 2015

Czech Bead Necklace: Meeting The Past

 I cre­at­ed this white, red and gold sparkling czech class seed beads neck­lace as I was a school girl, being an Art School stu­dent  just to make a try and to par­tic­i­pate on my very first Fine Art Exibi­cion. From draw­ing the sketch and cal­cu­lat­ing the bead­ing sheems to enjoy the mag­ic of forms, play­ing with struc­tures, let­ting the imag­i­na­tion work…  That was fun!
Years passed — and now I have the beads on my work table again. That is a work I real­ly love to do — I enjoy the mag­ic of the colours and nat­ur­al shades  of gen­uine gem­stones beads.  And the care­ful­ly get­h­ear­ing of tiny beads on a silk cord feels just like some kind of med­i­ta­tion to me. That is also kind of re-con­nect­ing me with the nature in some very spe­cial way.
I believe, that is where the Wood­lan­ders rooth…

Czech bead necklace made by Atelier Lavendel. Handmade in Germany.

21. June 2015

Genuine Aquamarine Bracelet: Gems and Silk

Inspired by the most  sparkling Sun­day: Blue is for Dream­ers!

IMGP3175a1 IMGP3194a1 Genuine Aquamarine Bracelet by Atelier Lavendel

 A sweep of love­ly clear blue aqua­ma­rine gems is strung on a light blue silk string with the ends secure­ly fas­tened and left inten­tion­al­ly to fray. To close with 14k gold filled lob­ster clo­sure and find­ings to secure the bracelet. Just the right mix of sparkls, lights and met­al. All gem­stones I use are nat­ur­al and gen­uine, untreat­ed, the best qual­i­ty avail­able. Aqua­ma­rine is said to do many things meta­phys­i­cal­ly. It is often thought of as a uni­ver­sal sign of hope, health, and youth and is said to specif­i­cal­ly bless all those born in March who wear it. This gen­uine aqua­ma­rine bracelet is now avail­able here.

Genuine Aquamarine Bracelet by Atelier Lavendel

17. June 2015

Handmade Jewellery: the Woodlanders

My new col­lec­tion of hand­made gen­uine bead­ed gem­stones jew­ellery is here. I am thrilled to share my  very first impres­sions of these del­i­cate gem­stones bracelets I have cre­at­ed these days.  I called this line The Wood­lan­ders. It is inspired by the nature and the colours of the sum­mer:  green, pink, aqua and mul­ti­colour.  I used gen­uine untreat­ed beads of nat­ur­al gem­stones, such as  jade, peri­dot and aqua­ma­rine and also coral and fin­ished with high qual­i­ty ster­ling sil­ver or 14k gold filled chains, lob­ster clo­sures and find­ings.
More details — next days. Stay tuned!

handmade jewellery by Atelier Lavendel handmade jewellery by Atelier Lavendel handmade gemstone jewellery by Atelier Lavendel handmade ombre gemstone jewellery by Atelier Lavendel

Handmade jewellery by Atelier Lavendel


9. June 2015

Handmade Gemstones Jewellery: a Necklace for Meadow

Here Mead­ow Low  is show­ing her gem­stones neck­lace. (Well, I would say, she is rather show­ing off, but, please, do not tell her!  ; )  ) Any­way, I have made it for her of gen­uine shiny green aven­turine: 2,5mm smooth gem­stones ron­dells.  They are strung on a green silk cord with the ends left inten­tion­al­ly to fray. I have used a sil­ver filled mag­net­ic ball clo­sure and find­ings for a com­fort­able and secure every­day wear.  Due to the total length of 14 inches/ 36cm we have quite a nice choise here: for one lit­tle lady  that piece of hand­made gem­stones jew­el­ry means a  long doll´s gem­stones neck­lace, and for anoth­er one that may make a nice del­i­cate dou­ble string bracelet. Which one would you pref­ere?  : )

OOAK art dolls by Atelier Lavendel

handmade gemstones jewellery by Atelier Lavendel

handmade gemstones jewellery Atelier Lavendel

handmade gemstones jewellery by Atelier Lavendel