20. November 2015

EllyGems: Handmade and Precious

EllyGems — it is all about stones in my life.

Handmade bracelet give-away. Handmade in Germany.

After hav­ing have quite a busy, but and also won­der­ful, exit­ing and thought­ful  time with all the sparkling, amaz­ing, and mys­te­ri­ous  gem­stones beads spread all over my work table, I am now so thrilled launch­ing my new shop, ded­i­cat­ed to gen­uine and authen­tic, min­i­mal­is­tic style hand­craft­ed jew­ellery for every occa­sion. I called it Ellygems, hav­ing asso­ti­at­ed that name with a short form of my own first name.  In Ellygems I am fol­low­ing my pas­sion for hid­den beau­ty of the nature and my facti­na­tion about all things oxy­moron­ic:  the whole his­to­ry and the only moment in one piece — that is what gen­uine earth mined gems are to me. To explore the sub­tle yet sparkling beau­ty of nature itself  in that high­ly con­cen­trat­ed form of nat­ur­al gem­stones, it is pure joy. I love it to make this beau­ty vis­i­ble and to share it.

Handmade gemstones bracelet give-away. Handmade in Germany.To make this feast of gen­tle colours per­fect,  I would love to offer my very first Ellygems bracelet give-away. I believe, that must be some­thing oxy­moron­ic. Some­thing blue, don´t you think? Some­thing like this… ♥♥♥

bracelet give-away by Atelier Lavendel