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31. May 2015

Waldorf Angels

A lit­tle Wal­dorf  angel on the palm of my hand.
Made with cot­ton velevet, organ­ic wool and high qual­i­ty pure wool felt, this lit­tle guardian angel is fun and a  safe addi­tion in everyone´s  play room.
More Wal­dorf angels are now avail­able here and here.

Waldorf angels by Atelier Lavendel Waldorf angels by Atelier Lavendel

27. May 2015

Packaging: Everythyng Beautiful

Do you love mag­ic? The Mag­ic of Life?…  That is the name of one of my favourite herbal tea blend by Son­nen­tor. Organ­ic, airy and still quite pow­er­ful, it has a beau­ti­full and inspir­ing qual­i­ty. I love it to share things that I love  : )  . In every of my pack­ages you will find a per­son­al writ­ten note from me and in many of them also a lit­tle invi­ta­tion for a cup of tea!  :  )

Packaging by Atelier Lavendel

24. May 2015

Peony Lou

I want you to meet Peony Lou, an OOAK doll by Ate­lier Laven­del.
My inspi­ra­tion for this lit­tle soul was a dream of a petite and gen­tle being, you could hold on the palm of you hand or stuff in your pock­et to take every­where with you. Gen­tle — and still stur­dy enough to be played and cud­dled  with. So I a new pat­tern had to be drawn. I also altered my tech­niques: with her legs, stuffed firm­ly to make a stand, but­ton joint­ed to make her able to seet free. On the oth­er hand, I left her arms stuff­ing quite fluffy for more light and cud­dly feel.
Peony Lou is stand­ing 8 inch­es. She is made with high qual­i­ty doll mak­ing cot­ton fab­ric (Oeko Test 100), stuffed with organ­ic clean sheep wool, her hair is Doly Mo mohair, brush­able, cro­chet into a cap and sewn firm­ly onto her head. She is wear­ing an off white dress of vin­tage cot­ton fab­ric and cot­ton pol­ka dot­ted panties beneath. Her clothes can not be put off. The flower in her hands and her angel wings are of high qual­i­ty off white wool felt. Her neck­lace is gen­uine 3,5mm rose fresh water pearls. I hope, you like her as much as I do! :  )
Peony Lou, the lit­tle angel by Ate­lier Laven­del is now avail­able here.

OOAK natural fibres dolls: meet Peony Lou, OOAK doll by Atelier Lavendel, standing 8 inches.

IMGP2218a122 OOAK natural fibres dolls: meet Peony Lou, OOAK doll by Atelier Lavendel, standing 8 inches. OOAK natural fibres dolls: meet Peony Lou, OOAK doll by Atelier Lavendel, standing 8 inches.


20. May 2015

New Pattern: Peony

Work­ing on a new pat­tern: Peony Lou, the petite Ate­lier Laven­del doll.
What is she  going to be?… I´ll wait… ;   )

Beim Son­nenauf­gang, in diesem wun­der­vollen Früh­lingslicht entste­ht in meinem Ate­lier ein ganz neues kleines Wesen voller Zauber. Zart  und verträumt…
Für einen neuen Schnitt  für dieses Früh­lings — Püp­pchen habe ich ein haut­far­benes Baum­woll­gewebe aus­ge­sucht, den Kopf und Kör­p­er wie immer mit fein­er Bio-Schaf­wolle gefüllt, die Gesicht­szüge aufge­stickt  und nun das ganze erst ein­mal in ein sei­denes Tuch einge­hüllt. Abwarten. Was wird das?.. Ich lasse mich über­raschen.… ;  )

Ich wün­sche allen eine zauber­hafte und son­nige Woche,
Her­zlich, Ele­na

Dolls by Atelier Lavendel

Waldorf Inspired Atelier Lavndel Dolls

Waldorf inspired Atelier Lavendel Dolls

7. May 2015

Merino Felt Rose Brooch

Meri­no felt rose brooche, lov­ing­ly hand­made using silk fab­ric, Aus­tralian meri­no wool in crème and alpaca for the rich tex­ture. To close with a secure brooche pin and/or with a clasp when wear­ing it in your hair. Love its touch! It is about 4 inch­es in diam­e­ter.  I have used nuno tech­nique to make this lit­tle soft won­der. Rose felt brooches are now avail­able in my Etsy and DaWan­da web­shops.

handmade merino felt rose by Atelier Lavendel, creme



3. May 2015

White Felted Rose Necklace

This ECO friend­ly white felt­ed rose neck­lace, dec­o­rat­ed with a beau­ti­ful rese flower was cre­at­ed using extra fine meri­no wool, silk strings and fibers, olive soap and hot water. I have choosen the ivory white and cream col­ored meri­no wool to give it a mar­bled effect. I have used wet felt­ing and nuno felt­ing tech­nics. This hand felt­ed rose can be worn like a neck orna­ment. I put it safe­ly on a cot­ton and organ­za neck­lace, com­plet­ed with a safe­ty chain.
Sweet, ele­gant and func­tion­al for small girls, teens or women’s.
Mea­sure­ments — diam­e­ter 4.8 inch­es (12cm).
Col­or — ivory white with pink decor ele­ments.
Made in a smoke and pet free home. Avail­able here and here.

White felted rose necklace, ECO friendly jewellery, handmade by Atelier Lavendel.