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1. March 2015

Pocket Dolls, Waldorf inspired

This pock­et doll came to live late­ly in my stu­dio. Cold and windy win­ter days like we have here by now sur­prise me often with such  sweet and cosy inspi­ra­tions.
Like a cup of a favorite tee you get brought up in your work­ing place. Unex­pect­ed. :  )
And so is this fel­low — a lit­tle one, stand­ing hard­ly 6 inch­es with­out his red point­ed hat with a tin­kling sil­ver bell. Made with organ­ic cot­ton vel­vet, stuffed with organ­ic clean sheep wool. His Peter  Pan col­lar of high qual­i­ty meri­no wool felt in off-white can be put off (and so does his hat). I have embroi­dered his facial fea­tures with cot­ton embroi­dery floss. His  brown locks are mohair. This lit­tle pock­et doll, Wal­dorf inspired, is now avail­able here and here.

Waldorf pocket dolls by Atelier Lavendel are made with love and care. ECO friendly. Handmade in Germany.