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26. February 2015

Mr Bob Winter, Handmade Cuddle Doll

Please, let me intro­duce to you this sweet fel­low, Mr Bob Win­ter. He is a hand­made cud­dle doll, care­ful­ly hand­made by Ate­lier Laven­del. I have cro­cheted his hat with a tas­sel and his shawl of a wool/silk bled in soft shades of the brown, blue and green. Both of it can be put off. Her body is meri­no wool/cashmere, stuffed with organ­ic sheep wool. His hands and feet are of stur­dy doll­mak­ing cot­ton jer­sey. His red fluffy hair is mohair. I have embroi­dered her facial fea­tures with cot­ton floss. His freck­les are paint­ed on with non-tox­ic col­ors.  Mr Bob Win­ter is now avail­able here and here.

handmade cuddle doll by Atelier Lavendel, Mr Winter


Waldorfpuppen by Atelier Lavendel



22. February 2015

Bella, OOAK Doll, 6in

Meet Bel­la, 6 inch­es (16cm) OOAK doll hand­made by Ate­lier Laven­del using best qual­i­ty mate­ri­als avail­able. I have sculp­tured her head of clean organ­ic sheep wool in the Wal­dorf style of Euro­pean doll mak­ing. Bel­la is a lit­tle girl, her arms and her legs are a bit curved. Her body is of one piece of fab­ric. She has a nose, ears,  a sweet bum and a bel­ly but­ton. Her long brown hair is made of yak hair, sewn into tress­es and cro­cheted into a cap togeth­er with a match­ing mohair yarn. I have embroi­dered her dreamy blue eyes and her sweet mouth with cot­ton embroi­dery floss. Her bar­rette is cro­cheted of plant dyed wool, her dress is made with organ­ic cot­ton, and its upper parts are cro­cheted with a blue meri­no wool yarn. She wears match­ing cro­cheted blue bal­le­ri­na shoes. Her shawl is made with pure silk fab­ric, dec­o­rat­ed with cot­ton lace on its both ends. Beneath her wide dress Bel­la is wear­ing striped white and rose trousers of organ­ic cot­ton jer­sey with a tiny bow on it.  Lit­tle Bel­la is now avail­able here and here.

ooak waldorf doll , Waldorf Dolls by Atelier Lavendel, Bella OOAK Doll, 6in |’)”>


ooak waldorf doll, Doll clothes by Atelier Lavendel OOAK Doll, 6in |’)”>

19. February 2015


Meet Bob­by! Stand­ing just 7 inch­es, he is a lit­tle sweet fel­low, made to play with and to be loved.
So much sweet­ness just fit­ting in the palm of your hand!
Bob­by has got his warm things to-day — his cosy hat, his boots  and the shawl. I have made it for him using my favorite meri­no wool/silk blend in soft colours of blue, brown and grey.
All his clothes can be put off. His throusers and his shirt are made with cot­ton fab­ric. Bob­by has a sweet bum and a tiny bel­ly but­ton. His red hair is mohair.
I hope, you love him as much as I do!  :  ) Bob­by is now avail­able here and here.

Waldorf toys by Atelier Lavendel. Meet Bobby! He is a little cuddly fellow, ECO friendly, organic. Handmade in Germany


Waldorf toys by Atelier Lavendel. Meet Bobby! He is a little cuddly fellow, ECO friendly, organic. Handmade in Germany


15. February 2015

Where are Bobby’s shoes?

Where are my shoes?! — Bob­by ask­ing. Oh… Not ready yet!…
Tiny, red-haired and sweet . Almost there — lit­tle Bob­by, the boy doll.…

Waldorf boy doll: Waldorfdolls by Atelier Lavendel



12. February 2015

Hot Water Bottle Covers: Warm and Cosy

I have made this adorable woollen hot water bot­tle cov­er with an apple applique to make a bed of a sweet lit­tle girl even more cosier and warmer. Have a sweet dreams, dear!…

Handmade hot water bottle covers by Atelier Lavendel. ECO friendly.Handmade in Germany.



11. February 2015


It is snow­ing again!…
Exact­ly the right time for some­thing warm and cosy to come to life, don’t you think?
I guess, I can show it to you tomor­row!
Wis­ing a nice and cosy day to all!
Yours, Ele­na

by Atelier Lavendel

8. February 2015

Ann-Rose, OOAK doll, 17in

I want you to meet Ann-Rose. She is a OOAK doll, stand­ing 17 inch­es, hand­made by Ate­lier Laven­del with lots of  love and of care. Her blonde locks is yak weft, cro­cheted into a cap. It can be  restyled and gen­tly combed. He loves her pony-tails and these light blue rib­bons of organ­za.

Atelier Lavendel Puppen OOAK doll, 17in |’)”>


Atelier Lavendel dolls OOAK doll, 17in |’)”>

doll clothes ba Atelier Lavendel OOAK doll, 17in |’)”>

Ann-Rose is wear­ing a dress of cot­ton fab­ric, which is with trimmed with cot­ton lace.  She also wears panties and rose-lilac-white striped leg­gings of organ­ic cot­ton jer­sey.  Her stripped socks are of organ­ic cot­ton jer­sey. Her boots in the off-white are of high qual­i­ty meri­no wool felt, to close with hand dyed silk rib­bons. Her favorite of all is the cozy jack­et, she is wear­ing. It feels oh so soft! I have made it with organ­ic meri­no wool fleece in antique rose, lined with organ­ic cot­ton jer­sey. On the left side of it there is a rose bud, which I have felt­ed of meri­no wool using match­ing col­ors. This OOAK doll stands 17 inch­es. She has a neck, ears, sweet bum and  a bel­ly but­ton. She can sit free.  Care­ful­ly made to be a true play-friend for a long, long time. Ann-Rose is now avail­able here and here.

5. February 2015


Ann-Rose, one of my favorits by now. Is always wear­ing a hand felt­ed rose bud on her wool jack­et. It is her sou­ve­niere of the last  Sum­mer, she sais. Her stripped socks on. On that misty day like it is to-day here.  Cosy felt shoes too, of course. Oh, jes.  Ann-Rose is almost ready, by the way. She was so exit­ed the whole day  to come out of my stu­dio — into the wide snowy world, you know. Oh, I think, I´d bet­ter go a have a look… : )

handmade OOAK dolls, Puppenkleidung by Atelier Lavendel

handmade OOAK dolls, custom dolls clothes by Atelier Lavendel

1. February 2015

Handmade Clasp Coin Purse

Lov­ing­ly hand­made coin purs­es by Ate­lier Laven­del are here. Nicel-free clasps.
Fresh colours and soft  touch. Just love­ly!

Handmade clasp coin purse: these coin pursees with clasp are made with love and care. Perfect gift for any occasion! Handmade in Germany.

Handmade clasp coin purse: these coin pursees with clasp are made with love and care. Perfect gift for any occasion! Handmade in Germany.