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24. April 2014

Mr. Lucky Mushroom: All Natural Gnome

Do you know this won­der­ful mag­ic of awak­en­ing…  It seems to be lying all over the woods and fields here right now.  It is vir­tu­al­ly breath­able dur­ing the last days of April. What mag­ic does this fresh breeze bring­ing to us?… The Spring is on the way… Ask  gnomes. They know best all about it, all about the spring flow­ers, all about the ancient mag­ic of the sea­sons.
Here is one, by the way. Mr. Lucky Mush­room is his name.

Luky Mushroom, natural gnome doll by Atelier Lavendel

Meet Mr. Lucky Mush­room Gnome here — all nat­ur­al gnome doll by Ate­lier Laven­del.
This cud­dly fel­low is bring­ing his lucky mush­room with him — for luck, you know  🙂  .
This doll is lov­ing­ly hand­made with cot­ton velour and stuffed with clean organ­ic wool, his facial fea­tures are hand embroi­dered. His red point­ed hat and the  lined scarf can be put off.
The woolen mush­room is nee­dle felt­ed.
Rec­om­mend­ed for chil­dren 3+. ECO-friend­ly.
Now avail­able in my Etsy and DaWan­da Shops.

Luky Mushroom, natural gnome doll by Atelier Lavendel

17. April 2014

Happy Easter!

Hap­py East­er to every­one!
With many sun­ny Regards,
Yours, Ele­na

Zwergenkoerbchen by Atelier Lavendel

10. April 2014

Blue Bell

Here is Blue Bell, the lit­tle Fairy. She is a hand­made fairy doll by Ate­lier Laven­del.
Blue Bell stands 11″ and is made with all nat­ur­al beau­ti­ful mate­ri­als.
She has lots of acces­so­ry, lov­ing­ly hanf­made with lots of tiny details.
The flower in her hair is dec­o­rat­ed with a few glass beads and is a safe­ty hair clasp.
Her shawl with a tas­sel is cro­cheted of soft­est plant dyed mohair, her Mary Jane shoes are of match­ing plant dyed wool. Her woolen pinafore clos­es with two nice sea shell but­tons.
She is wear­ing pants of organ­ic cot­ton jer­sey with a tiny bow beneath.
Her pas­tel col­ored blouse is made of cot­ton.
Her light blue skirt of linen is dec­o­rat­ed with the sea shell shaped cot­ton lace.
Her airy wings are detach­able. This Ate­lier Laven­del hand­made fairy doll is weight­ed and has ears, knees and elbows, a tiny belly­but­ton and a sweet bum.
All her clothes can be put off.
ECO friend­ly. Rec­om­mend­ed for chil­dren 6+

handmade fairy doll by Atelier Lavendel


handmade fairy doll by Atelier Lavendel


handmade fairy doll by Atelier Lavendel


Blue Bell by Atelier Lavendel, Details


Blue Bell, handmade fairy doll by Atelier Lavendel

3. April 2014

Meet Bluebell: a Natural Fairy Doll

 She is a new­com­er. A nat­ur­al fairy doll by Ate­lier Laven­del,
the first one of this year.  She is enjoy­ing the won­der­ful scent
of her fresh­ly made  laven­der buds sachet…

natural fairy doll  by Atelier Lavendel