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26. February 2015

Mr Bob Winter, Handmade Cuddle Doll

Please, let me introduce to you this sweet fellow, Mr Bob Winter. He is a handmade cuddle doll, carefully handmade by Atelier Lavendel. I have crocheted his hat with a tassel and his shawl of a wool/silk bled in soft shades of the brown, blue and green. Both of it can be put off. Her body is merino wool/cashmere, stuffed with organic sheep wool. His hands and feet are of sturdy dollmaking cotton jersey. His red fluffy hair is mohair. I have embroidered her facial features with cotton floss. His freckles are painted on with non-toxic colors.  Mr Bob Winter is now available here and here.

handmade cuddle doll by Atelier Lavendel, Mr Winter


Waldorfpuppen by Atelier Lavendel



22. February 2015

Bella, OOAK Doll, 6in

Meet Bella, 6 inches (16cm) OOAK doll handmade by Atelier Lavendel using best quality materials available. I have sculptured her head of clean organic sheep wool in the Waldorf style of European doll making. Bella is a little girl, her arms and her legs are a bit curved. Her body is of one piece of fabric. She has a nose, ears,  a sweet bum and a belly button. Her long brown hair is made of yak hair, sewn into tresses and crocheted into a cap together with a matching mohair yarn. I have embroidered her dreamy blue eyes and her sweet mouth with cotton embroidery floss. Her barrette is crocheted of plant dyed wool, her dress is made with organic cotton, and its upper parts are crocheted with a blue merino wool yarn. She wears matching crocheted blue ballerina shoes. Her shawl is made with pure silk fabric, decorated with cotton lace on its both ends. Beneath her wide dress Bella is wearing striped white and rose trousers of organic cotton jersey with a tiny bow on it.  Little Bella is now available here and here.

ooak waldorf doll , Waldorf Dolls by Atelier Lavendel, Bella


ooak waldorf doll, Doll clothes by Atelier Lavendel

19. February 2015


Meet Bobby! Standing just 7 inches, he is a little sweet fellow, made to play with and to be loved.
So much sweetness just fitting in the palm of your hand!
Bobby has got his warm things to-day – his cosy hat, his boots  and the shawl. I have made it for him using my favorite merino wool/silk blend in soft colours of blue, brown and grey.
All his clothes can be put off. His throusers and his shirt are made with cotton fabric. Bobby has a sweet bum and a tiny belly button. His red hair is mohair.
I hope, you love him as much as I do!  :  ) Bobby is now available here and here.

Waldorf toys by Atelier Lavendel. Meet Bobby! He is a little cuddly fellow, ECO friendly, organic. Handmade in Germany


Waldorf toys by Atelier Lavendel. Meet Bobby! He is a little cuddly fellow, ECO friendly, organic. Handmade in Germany


15. February 2015

Where are Bobby’s shoes?

Where are my shoes?! – Bobby asking. Oh… Not ready yet!…
Tiny, red-haired and sweet . Almost there – little Bobby, the boy doll….

Waldorf boy doll: Waldorfdolls by Atelier Lavendel



12. February 2015

Hot Water Bottle Covers: Warm and Cosy

I have made this adorable woollen hot water bottle cover with an apple applique to make a bed of a sweet little girl even more cosier and warmer. Have a sweet dreams, dear!…

Handmade hot water bottle covers by Atelier Lavendel. ECO friendly.Handmade in Germany.



11. February 2015


It is snowing again!…
Exactly the right time for something warm and cosy to come to life, don’t you think?
I guess, I can show it to you tomorrow!
Wising a nice and cosy day to all!
Yours, Elena

by Atelier Lavendel

8. February 2015

Ann-Rose, OOAK doll, 17in

I want you to meet Ann-Rose. She is a OOAK doll, standing 17 inches, handmade by Atelier Lavendel with lots of  love and of care. Her blonde locks is yak weft, crocheted into a cap. It can be  restyled and gently combed. He loves her pony-tails and these light blue ribbons of organza.

Atelier Lavendel Puppen


Atelier Lavendel dolls

doll clothes ba Atelier Lavendel

Ann-Rose is wearing a dress of cotton fabric, which is with trimmed with cotton lace.  She also wears panties and rose-lilac-white striped leggings of organic cotton jersey.  Her stripped socks are of organic cotton jersey. Her boots in the off-white are of high quality merino wool felt, to close with hand dyed silk ribbons. Her favorite of all is the cozy jacket, she is wearing. It feels oh so soft! I have made it with organic merino wool fleece in antique rose, lined with organic cotton jersey. On the left side of it there is a rose bud, which I have felted of merino wool using matching colors. This OOAK doll stands 17 inches. She has a neck, ears, sweet bum and  a belly button. She can sit free.  Carefully made to be a true play-friend for a long, long time. Ann-Rose is now available here and here.

5. February 2015


Ann-Rose, one of my favorits by now. Is always wearing a hand felted rose bud on her wool jacket. It is her souveniere of the last  Summer, she sais. Her stripped socks on. On that misty day like it is to-day here.  Cosy felt shoes too, of course. Oh, jes.  Ann-Rose is almost ready, by the way. She was so exited the whole day  to come out of my studio – into the wide snowy world, you know. Oh, I think, I´d better go a have a look… : )

handmade OOAK dolls, Puppenkleidung by Atelier Lavendel

handmade OOAK dolls, custom dolls clothes by Atelier Lavendel

1. February 2015

Handmade Clasp Coin Purse

Lovingly handmade coin purses by Atelier Lavendel are here. Nicel-free clasps.
Fresh colours and soft  touch. Just lovely!

Handmade clasp coin purse: these coin pursees with clasp are made with love and care. Perfect gift for any occasion! Handmade in Germany.

Handmade clasp coin purse: these coin pursees with clasp are made with love and care. Perfect gift for any occasion! Handmade in Germany.