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29. January 2015

Waldorf Baby Boy

Just a sneak peek: a little baby boy is in the making….  Love his wonderful hair!

Tiny Waldorf baby boy doll, safe addition to your play room. ECO friendly. Lovingly handmade by Atelier Lavendel.

25. January 2015

Missis Peony Winter Star

Meet missis Peony Winter Star! Waldorf inspired pocket dolls by Atelier Lavendel.
Standing 7in, she is made with high quality natural materials only: organic cotton velour, clean sheep wool, woollen tweed yarn and soft and fluffy Dolly Mo mohair for her hair.
 I have crocheted her pink mohair hat and then I felted it for more texture.
It is decorated with a  sparkling sea shell star.

pocket dolls, Missis Peony Doll by Atelier Lavendel


handmade pocket dolls by Atelier Lavendel


21. January 2015

Lindy, OOAK cloth doll

This is Lindy, a 18in  (45cm)  OOAK cloth doll by Atelier Lavendel. She is lovingly handmade
by me using organic high quality materials only.
Enjoy lots of tiny sweet details to be discovered here and there!

waldorf inspired dolls, Waldorfpuppe by Atelier Lavendel

Look, here!  :  )

waldorf inspired dolls, doll clothings by Atelier Lavendel

And there too !  : )waldorf inspired dolls,handmade accwssory by Atelier Lavendel

Lindy is wearing a pink polka dotted cotton dress with a rick rack edge and white cotton jersey panties beneath (the last is not pictured). Her trousers are made with light blue linen fabric. My favorite is her reversible tunic. I have made it with nostalgic flowered cotton fabric and decorated with a tiny sea shell star on the one side. On the other side it is made with soft and quite cotton fabric in crème with white polka dots. The tunic is to close with a pair of sea shell buttons in the shape of a daisy flower and handmade loops. The cosy jacket of white organic cotton fur is lined with organic cotton jersey. I have decorated it with a hand felted tiny rose bud. Lindy’s  off-white scarf and her shoes are of pure high quality wool fleece. The deep blue flower in her hair is a safety hairclip, made organic with silk and golden glass beads in the middle. It can be put off. Dolls outfit is completed with a pink crocheted hair band, made with plant dyed wool and a pair of organza hair-bands for her sweet pigtails.
All her clothes are removable and washable. This doll has blue eyes, which are carefully hand embroidered. Her long locks are of yak hair. This doll has ears, sculptured knees and elbows, a belly button and a sweet bum. Lindy is stuffed very firmly with organic sheep wool. She has floppy limbs and is free pose-able. Lindy is now awailable here and here.

18. January 2015

Dancing Elf, Lavender and Spelt

Dancing Elf on the soft background of the light gray organic linen fabric .
Polka dots on pink. Just sweet and girlish and cuddly!
This sweet pillow is lovingly hand made with high quality natural materials only: organic cotton and linen fabric. It is complete with a sepatate cotton fabric inlay to make the cleaning of the outer fabric easy. The inlay is filled with drayed lavender buds and organic spelt.
The Pink Elf (stitching pattern by FeinKram design) is stitched on with cotton tread.
Measures: 10″ X 06″ ( 25cm X 15cm ). ECO friendly.
Now available in my Etsy and DaWanda webshops.

Cuddle spelt pillow: the Dancing elf is decorating this cuddle pillow, filled with lavender and spelt. Handmade by Atelier Lavendel


Cuddle spelt pillow: the Dancing elf is decorating this cuddle pillow, filled with lavender and spelt. Handmade by Atelier Lavendel

15. January 2015

Sunny Day

Only a couple of days later. Looking out of my window.
Is it the Spring again?… Well, I can hardly believe it…  :  )
Wishing a nice day to everyone!
With sunny Regards, Elena

January Sky by Atelier Lavendel


12. January 2015

Peggy, OOAK Doll, 18in

Meet Peggy!  A sweet gnome girl, an 18in OOAK doll by Atelier Lavendel.
She comes with 10 sweet pieces of clothing and accessory.

Handcrafted waldorf doll: an OOAK Waldorf inspired doll by Atelier Lavendel. Eco friendly. Handmade in Germany.

So, where shall I start? Her wide and long red polka dotted cotton dress is perfect for playing  in the woods. Little folk loves shiny colours, they say. Her dress  is decorated with fine cotton lace, matching panties as well. On her green pinafore is always tinkling  a tiny silver bell. Her woollen jacket is very special. An enchanted friend, the Lucky Mushroom, is sleeping on it.  One would say, it is embroidered. But we know. ; ) By the way, the jacket has a handmade loop and a sea shell button in the shape of a flower as a closure. It is lined with organic cotton jersey.

Handcrafted waldorf doll: an OOAK Waldorf inspired doll by Atelier Lavendel. Eco friendly. Handmade in Germany.

 Oh, yes. Her jewerlley. It is a lampwork necklace, her red bracelet and her hair-pin, of course. Her pointed hat is made with cotton velvet, the round tassel on it is silk/wool blend.
Peggy has ears, a belly button, sweet bum,  sculptured knees and elbows, she can sit free.
And here she is, looking for a new home.  Available here and here.

Handcrafted waldorf doll: an OOAK Waldorf inspired doll by Atelier Lavendel. Eco friendly. Handmade in Germany.

11. January 2015

Sweet Details

Some sweet details here for you!
I have hand embroidered this tiny mushroom with cotton floss.
It is decorating the woollen jacket of Peggy.
Is it not sweet?  : ) It is just about an inch tall.

 handgemacht by Atelier Lavendel

Yes, these are Peggy´s new socks. And her new shoes as well. I made them with high quality  wool felt, organic cotton jersey and a bit organza. Well, her legs are there also.
Do you think, Peggy might be a fairy?

Puppenkleidung by Atelier Lavendel

Actually, Peggy is woodland girl. A bit wild. Funny. Has a wonderful mane of long brown hair. She loves to decorate it with flowers, this one is her favorite. I have made it for her with my best  silk fabric  in the deep blue and golden double side vintage chech glass beads. Peggy adores to see them glittering.

dolls accessory by Atelier Lavendel

Ah, Peggy!…  She does not want to go out without this charms bracelet bearing a tiny heart on it. It is bringing her luck, she sais.
Ah, Peggy is such a sweet person! I am already in love with her.
I shall show her the next day!

Have a nice weekend!
Yours, Elena

 Waldorfpuppen by Atelier Lavendel

8. January 2015

Cuddle Dolls: the Woodland Girl

This sweet tiny doll came to live in my working space lately. She is made wit cotton velour and stuffed with clean organic wool. Her woollen red hat can be put of, her hair of fluffy DollyMo mohair in a soft shade of brown can be finger combed. This dolly is now  listed in my Etsy shop.

 cuddle dolls by Atelier Lavendelcuddle dolls by Atelier Lavendel

4. January 2015

Winter is here!

Winter is here!
Looking out of my window.
Enjoying my cup of tea. Dreaming…
I wish a cozy Sunday to everyone!
Yours, Elena

Winter by Atelier Lavendel

1. January 2015

Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year 2015 to all!
Yours, Elena

Atelier Lavendel 2015