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28. August 2014

Lavender Everywhere

The flowers of the meadow…
This little woodland girl seems really to enjoy it….

Atelier Lavendel Puppen

21. August 2014

Roses of the Mainau

On a sunny Thursday, our hands full with picnic baskets; we are travelling to the Mainau Island, just to the middle of the Lake Konstanz. A little sail trip, fresh breeze  and sunshine – and there you are: the French garden, roses all over. We  find it by its magnificent scent even without seeing it, a poem of colours… Here is “Gräfin Betttina”, one of my favourites. An unbelivably fabulous scent!




14. August 2014

Summer Break

Atelier Lavendel is going to have a short summer break.
See you end of August again!
With many  sunny Regards,
Yours , Elena

Atelier Lavendel

3. August 2014

Tiny Lavender Angels

Tiny angels on my table. Sitting there, whispering. What are they going to do now?…

tiny lavender angels Atelier Lavendel Design

tiny lavender angels Lavender Angels by Atelier Lavendel

These tiny lavender angels stands about 3iches (8cm) each. They are made with cotton fabric and stuffed with clean organic wool and a hanfd full of lavender buds, the wings are of high quality off-white  wool felt. The faces are hand embroidered. The angels are now available here and here.