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31. July 2014

Missis Peony Day

Meet Missis Peony! Cheeky and wit. Little red haired young lady.
That is my first doll made with a new pattern for a little 7″ pocket doll. Standing 6,4 inches (17cm), made with organic cotton velour and clean organic wool, soft and fluffy mohair for her  ginger hair, blue polka dotted fabric flower  with sparkling chech glass beads in its middle, plant dyed long mohair scarf around her neck. She feels so sof and cuddly, would just take her to everywhere! : )   Missis Peony is  now available here and here.

Missis Peony, Cuddle Doll by Atelier Lavendel

Missis Peony, Pocket dolll by Atelier Lavendel

Atelier Lavendel Dolls

24. July 2014

Packaging a New Waldorf Doll

Carefully packaging a Waldorf Doll – here is a tiny Star Child with fierce red hair, bringing his lucky sea shell star to a  little one. Wrapped in layers of finest shiny yellow silk paper. Decorated with fresh lavender buds from my garden, laid over a filigree paper doily. There are lots of tiny and sweet details to be recovered there. Like a tiny lavender buds sachet with a tiny Atelier Lavendel logo on it, some sweets here – and a little handmade strawberry there… All this is going to make you smile while opening the package.  I do hope so!  :  )

Waldorf doll packaging, Atelier Lavendel dolls


17. July 2014

Doll Making Supplies – New in the Post

Look, what came with the post these days! Tresures: a lovely purse by oktopurse (Chrismass is coming!  :  )   ), wonderfull soft doll hair yarn by Little Oak and oh so soft polka dotted cotton flannel fabric for my new project.  Wishing a sunny inspiring afternoon to you!

Atelier Lavendel,an oktak purse


Doll Making Supplies Atelier Lavendel


10. July 2014

Doll Making Classes with Ineke

Doll making classes. A wonderful experience to everyone loving  dolls. That is it what the doll  making class with Ineke Gray in Amsterdam, whom I visited the end of June, had been  to me.  Loving and creative atmosphere, hand – dyed fabrics and sun – lit studio, pastel colours everywhere and sweet little details all over, great experience and skills, formidable teaching, never too tired to give you an encouraging smile. That delicious herbs tee served in the antique capes, this violin sounds in the backroom… Unforgettable…  In short: amazing, absolutely amazing. I would recommend it to everyone: a day you´ll never forget. And the doll you make! A dream! Lovely size, nice face, these cheeky pig tails! I love her! And her friend, the tiny Gnome (made by Ineke), even more . Both of them, the dolly and the Gnome are sitting just now on my working desk. They whisper. As long as the children of the house are not there, they have time to get some ideas of what to do this  sunny afternoon.
Wishing you a nice and creative afternoon too!

Waldorf Doll in the Making: doll making class by Ineke Gray

doll making classes, Atelier Lavendel

Waldorf doll making classes


3. July 2014

Midsummer Eve and the Strawberry Gnome

Every year our Waldorf Steiner School is welcoming the coming summer with a large bonfire, the Johannifeuer, on the first Friday after the Midsummer Eve. This time we added our small fire to this grate gathering. Just small and cozy, just us  : ) .

Midsummer Eve Bonfire

Atelier Lavendel

On the same day a little strawberry gnome came to live in my studio.
With his pointed hat and sparkling blue eyes, his strawberry necklace on (just for luck!), he is looking for an adventure. Well!… we will see!…
This sweet gnome is now available here and here.

Atelier Lavendel Dollls Strawberry gnome