Monthly Archives: March 2014

29. March 2014

Little Gnome

 One little gnome…

Waldorf inspired little gnome by Atelier Lavendel

 A Little Waldorf gnome, soft and cuddly, standing 5″ (15cm).
He is safe for any ages, made with durable doll making cotton jersey
and cotton veloure, stuffed with eco-wool.
His bright blue eyes and tiny mounth are hand embroydered,
his rosy cheeks are coloured with a natural bees wax crayon.

27. March 2014

Sunny Elf

  Meet a little Sunny Elf, a 5″  handcrafted doll by Atelier Lavendel.
This Sunny Elf is made with cotton, wool and  doll making cotton jersey.
His red hat is wool/silk, his hair is mohair.
Quite a honey , he is, don´t you think?..

handcrafted doll by Atelier Lavendel

22. March 2014

Tiny Dolls: Almost There

 Happy Spring to everyone!
First spring flowers in our garden, the sun is shining, the spirits are high – and
some more all natural tiny dolls  for tiny  hands are on the way.
More pictures  next days!
With sunny Regards,

Atelier Lavendel Designs

10. March 2014

Ann and her Little Bunny

Here is Ann. A dreamer.
Her favorit colors are white and orange. She likes green also: it is
like the fresh grass and the first flowers under the bright sunshine
during  the the spring time, she sais.

natural dolls handmade by Atelier Lavendel

natural dolls handmade by Atelier Lavendel

natural dolls handmade by Atelier Lavendel
Ann stands 11″ (30 cm). An Atelier Lavendel all natural doll.
Her blonde hair is tibetan lamb skin. Her green jaket is wool fleece, her hat – wool/silk, her pants – organic cotton, the white dress – cotton jersey and linen. Crocheted shoes are of sunny orange wool, her scarf and hand warmers are softest  moos green mohair.
Her little friend, the White Bunny is hand crocheted of white wool.
All clothes can be removed. Recommended for children 6+.

3. March 2014

A Tiny Doll Face

One day a tiny doll face seems to be peeping out of the mysterios world of dreams and fairy tales. Only for a moment. Look!.. But it does not want to show itself completely.
Not yet… Not now. We have to wait… And then, all of a sudden,
like a sweet bud of a beautiful flower, it gets open.
You can see her! “I am Ann”, she says…
And here she is!

OOAK cloth doll by Atelier Lavendel