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28. December 2014

Bramble Gnome Ell

Meet Ell, the little  Bramble Gnome girl.
Made with cotton velour, her locks is mohair in a warm shade of brown,
her woollen hat to be put off an on again as often as you like, – she would not  mind.  : )
Ell is looking for a new home  to play and to laugh!
Already found ; )   Thank you!

Waldorf gnome doll by Atelier Lavendel

Waldorf gnome, handmade dolls by Atelier Lavendel


27. December 2014


It is snowing there! Hooray! – Niclas said…
Niclas is a soft and cuddly OOAK doll by Atelier Lavendel.
He is looking for a new home,
now listed in my Etsy and DaWanda webshops.

Niclas Christmas Waldorf Doll by Atelier Lavendel

23. December 2014

Atelier Lavendel is wishing Merry Christmas!

Atelier Lavendel
is wishing Merry Christmas to all!
To our dear old friends and also to our new guests, just having discover Atelier Lavendel,
to all our customers and dear colleagues.
My very special “Thank you!” goes on my loving family, always standing on my side.
Thank you so much for you support and you love!
I wish you all and your families the Christmas season´s joys and wonders!
Have a wonderful holiday season!
Sunny Regards,
Yours, Elena

Merry Christmas! Atelier Lavendel Christmas

21. December 2014

Inspiration of Waldorf Dolls

Waldorf dolls are often an inspiration and always a joy to me.
This sweet little Waldorf inspired Angel doll came to live in my studio lately.
Love his bushy hair!  :  )

German Waldorf Dolls by Atelier Lavendel


18. December 2014

Little Stars tinkling

More little stars are there now! Organic, safe and cuddly.
Just  listed in my Etsy and DaWanda webshops.

 little star waldorf dolls by Atelier Lavendel

14. December 2014

New OOAK Dolls by Atelier Lavendel

That is a wonderful and very special time here now, in my Atelier.
The time before Christmas is for me a time full of mystery and joy and  feeling, that everything is about to change… Anyway, there are surely some quite new things in the Atelier Lavendel, which I am expecting to come to live very soon.  Just to mention a few of them: there are new patterns for the 15 inches and 16 inches tall OOAK pixie dolls in progress, with sweet large feet and curious necks. I already love their felt shoes and the pointed hats!
Just a little sneek peek here below – the very first one of them,  wild locks all over the head   : )  .
There also will be posts in German here too.
There are some dear friends over here, who are already looking for that.   :  )
Besides, I am planning the new give-aways and  sweet, sweet little angel dolls projects.
Stay tuned and be up to date!

Enjoy the third Sunday in Advent!
With many sunny regards, yours Elena

OOAK Dolls by Atelier Lavendel


11. December 2014

Little Star Dolls

…Coming soon – Little Star dolls by Atelier Lavendel are on their way!
Made with organic cotton velour and stuffed with clean sheep wool, they are fun and a safe addition in your child´s   playing room.

little star dolls y Atelier Lavebndel

7. December 2014

Christmas in the Air

  Happy holiday season to all is wishing Atelier Lavendel, Lina and Tim.
They are both handmade dolls, these sweet little gnomes, standing 7 in each, without their red pointed hats with a tinkling silver bell on the top of it, of course.
They came to my work room the last days of November and brought in
the Christmas Time feeling with them.
Have a blessed and sunny Sunday!
Best regards to all,
Yours Elena

Handmade Dolls by Atelier Lavendel

4. December 2014

Lavender and Spelt Pillows

What is bringing me my best lavender dreams? Lavender spelt pillow, of course!  :  )
I have made these cuddly  pillows to be cared around, to be cuddled with and to have sweetest lavender dreams ever. I used organic cotton fabrics,  cotton lace,  dryed lavender buds and organic spelt. I have placed the filling securely within an extra inlay, made with cotton fabric. The outer pillow cover can be easily removed and   hand washed. The pillows are  now available in my Etsy and DaWanda shops.

Cuddle pillows by Atelier Lavendel lavender spelt pillow

Pillows by Atelier Lavendel lavender spelt pillow

Lavender and Spelt Pillow by Atelier Lavendel lavender spelt pillow

Lavender Pillow handmade by Atelier Lavendel lavender spelt pillow

30. November 2014

Nelly and Mrs White Goose

Do you know that story about  a little girl and her friend, Mrs White Goose?
Having many adventures in the woods and fields and having quite a lot of fun too…

Handmade Atelier Lavendel Dolls doll maker dolls

Here they are – our  both little friends! The little doll with her fluffy red hair stands  6/2 inch (without her pointed hat  :  )   ). It is made of all the natural high quality materials: doll making cotton jersey, mohair yarn, it is stuffed with pure organic sheep  wool. I have carefully embroidered her sparkly eyes and the small mounth. All its clothing can be put off: the scarf and booties, crocheted of moos green mohair yarn, the red polka dotted shirt with the handmade wooden apple button and the handmade loop as closure, the grass green polka dotted scirt  and also the  red pointed hat of cotton velour with the  silver colored tiny tinkling bell on its top. Both, the dolly and her goose are now available at my Etsy and DaWanda shops.

Handmade Atelier Lavendel dolls doll maker dolls